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December 5, 2009

Muscle Powered Blimps

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An Introduction to

Muscle Powered Ultralight Gas Blimps

by Robert (“Rex”) Rechs

Rex is a long-time member of the Association of Balloon and Airship Constructors (ABAC), a contributor to Aerostation magazine and an experienced LTA builder, rigger and pilot. This is in addition to his lifelong work in every phase of aviation as both pilot and mechanic.

This volume is intended to be a companion to his Building Small Gas Blimps, but can be read alone if you do not plan to build this kind of machine, but only want to learn about it.


Section Title Page
Foreword 1
Introduction 2
Acknowledgments 2
Ultralights 3
History 5
Design Considerations 35
Details and Compromises 47
Ergonomics 87
Rocket Science for Pedal Power 87
The White Dwarf man-powered blimp 140
The Brazilian Dirigible Caloi 179
Vintage Designs 186
Shimano Bicycle Parts Catalog 190
Contacts 210
Bibliography 211
Related Books 212
Organizations 213
Conclusion 214
About the Author 215

Softbound – price: $40 (US currency).


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