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January 6, 2010

How to Use the Archivale.com Catalog

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How to Use Archivale.com’s Web Site

1. Finding What You Want

As with many other on-line sales sites, there are two ways to find things in Archivale’s catalog – Browse and Search:

a. SEARCH. If you are looking for a specific item, searching is the quickest and most reliable way to find it. Select “Advanced Search” in the search box in the upper left corner of the catalog page, then enter your search criteria in the top box of the search page. If you also want to search inside the Description field, check that box just below the search criteria window. Note that the “Quick Find” box only searches the visible (displayed) portion of the document title. IMPORTANT NOTE: Use only “key” words; do not enter connectors (articles, conjunctions, prepositions) like “of,” “a,” “the,” “and,” etc. For example, if you were searching for the book Chemistry and Technology of Explosives, you would enter Chemistry Technology Explosives in the search box.

b. BROWSE. If you are interested in a certain kind of information but don’t have a particular item in mind, then the list of categories in the right column is your starting point. Choose the top-level category that is closest or most relevant to your field of interest. If there are subcategories under that one, select the most relevant one and browse the resulting listings. Continue until you find what you want or exhaust that category.

Browsing categories requires persistence, because the organization of categories and subcategories, and the assignment of items to those categories, though it appears logical to us, may not agree with the way you organize your own files. Feel free to contact us by email for guidance if things continue not to make sense.

To learn more about what you have found: Whether you are searching or browsing, the result will be a list of items found, each entry a single line containing a fragment of the title, the price and a “Buy Now!” button. To learn more about an item, click on its title; this will open a window with a detailed description. From that window, you can either add the item to your shopping cart or press “Continue” to return to where you were before.

2. Loading your Shopping Cart

Once you have found an item that you want to order, click the “Buy Now” button in the far right column of the item listing. In most cases, this will open a box with a detailed description of the item and various buttons below. Press “Add to Cart” to put the item in your shopping cart. Then press “Continue” to find more items or “Check Out” to complete your order.

3. Establishing an Account

At this point, if you haven’t bought from us before and haven’t yet created a customer account, you will need to do so. Just fill out the necessary fields, taking special care with your email address, which we need to keep you informed of the status of your order, and the various postal address fields so we can ship your order to you.

4. Checkout

The checkout steps are fairly straightforward. At present only one shipping method is available on-line (Air Mail/Air Parcel, registered), so if you need special shipping arrangements, email us. Choose your payment method, enter the required information, and voilĂ !

5. What if it is Not in the Catalog?

Email us! We have much material not yet entered in the catalog, and know where to find more. Your inquiry will tell us to put a higher priority on the subjects that you are interested in.
6. You have something that you think we might want…

Email us! We trade two-for-one – two photocopy sheets from our catalog for one that you contribute. Don’t just send us things, though; check first to make sure that we need them.

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